[mythtv] RFC on proposed scheduler patch re: hdtv dups

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jul 28 18:42:33 UTC 2007

David Shay wrote:
> I would like some quick comments on acceptability and/or direction
> before I go much further with some code work.
> I would like to add an additional check into the scheduler so that it
> would consider the hdtv flag.  Basically, I would like to be able to
> record both the standard-def and high-def versions of a program and
> not have them considered dups.  Yes, I know you can transcode them
> down, but if you have enough tuners, why not record both, and the
> networks have already done the appropriate pan/scan and format
> conversion for you...
> Anyway, here were the basic thoughts:
> * Add an additional flag to the scheduled recording class for duphdtv,
> add options on recording screen for ignore hdtv/quality or consider
> hdtv/quality.
> * Add hdtv flag to oldrecorded table.  Set existing entries to null in
> dbcheck.cpp
> * Add logic in scheduler.cpp to do additional checks based on duphdtv setting

The idea of allowing the user to choose to record an alternate
backup version of the same episode is a good idea but enforcing
HDTV as the exclusive criteria for this is limiting. The desire
to have an alternate recording is not exclusive to HDTV and what
you describe sounds as if it would enforce duplicate recording
for ever HDTV show. This almost surely isn't what others would
want and I suspect that you would find that you want backup
recordings for certain shows and not everything that happens
to be broadcast in HD.

I'd think a better approach would be to have a per rule option
to double record it's episodes with the provision that the two
recordings must be from a different sourceid if the episode is
on more than one source else a different chanid if the episode
is on more than one channel (frequency) or at least a different
input if it is only available from one chanid.

--  bjm

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