[mythtv] Jobs scheduled to run in future stop other jobs from running

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Sat Jul 28 03:22:51 UTC 2007

Hi there,

I'm running svn trunk, and am using the new functionality to only 
transcode jobs after a number of days of passed.   Most of the time I 
watch/delete the shows within a week, so it's a waste of effort to 
transcode them.

I've just started experimenting with a user job to export recordings to 
the ipod (thanks to Juski's new script).  But when I manually started 
the user job it didn't run.  I enabled "jobqueue" debugging and saw the 
following output.

    2007-07-28 13:06:33.462 JobQueue: Skipping 'Export to Ipod' job for
    chanid 2508 @ 20070725182900, there is another job for this
    recording with a status of 'Queued'

And here's the code in question from jobqueue.cpp:

                // Check to see if there was a previous job that is not done
                if ((inTimeWindow) &&
                    (jobStatus.contains(key)) &&
                    (!(jobStatus[key] & JOB_DONE)))
                    message = QString("Skipping '%1' job for chanid "
                                      "%2 @ %3, there is another job for "
                                      "this recording with a status of 
                    VERBOSE(VB_JOBQUEUE, LOC + message);

This is obviously intended to make sure that jobs for the same show run 
sequentially.   But if I have a job that does not have a "scheduled 
time", shouldn't this be allowed to run if all other jobs for the show 
have a future run date?  What do you think?

I'm happy to develop a patch, but I'd like some opinions on whether this 
is the correct approach ... and whether there are any gotchas that I 
haven't thought about.


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