[mythtv] (How) does allow re-record work?

MythTV mythtv at blandford.net
Wed Jul 25 00:47:32 UTC 2007

Michael M. Wasser wrote:
> Jake wrote:
>>> Any ideas on a means to allow a currently recorded program to
>>> re-record without doing a delete?
>> just my curiousity getting the better of me but why would you ever
>> want to re-record something  that isn't deleted or auto-expired?
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> a poor quality recording? but at the same your willing to put up with 
> poor quality till its re-recorded?
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Agreed.  This is a feature I would love to have.  Sometimes I have HD 
recordings ( OTA ) that just don't come in very well due to weather or 
other issues.  I would like to click rerecord and hope for a better 
version.  However, if it doesn't come on again, I would rather live with 
the mediocre copy than have none at all.


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