[mythtv] Ticket #2335: LiveTV hangs when a recording is finished and a new on starts (no channel change)

eric.bosch at comcast.net eric.bosch at comcast.net
Tue Jul 24 16:06:44 UTC 2007

I don't believe it is an ivtv issue, as I can have the live-tv hang on show transition, even though the program is scheduled to record, and once I can get back to the menu, and then play it back from recordings, it plays fine.  My suspicion is that there is some sort of race condition or timing issue in that perhaps there is a short delay where the new file is opened, and actually catalogged.   What kind of filesystem implementations are you running?  I have an LVM managed set of virtual drives, one of which being a 500GB filesystem for the recordings.  My backend uses NFS filesystem for the recordings, and both frontends are configured to stream from remote server.  If I don't do this, then I have severe stuttering and eventual stall on livetv from remote tuners.

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> #2335: LiveTV hangs when a recording is finished and a new on starts (no channel 
> change) 
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> Reporter: tino.keitel+mythtv at tikei.de | Owner: ijr 
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> Comment(by mythtv at miwers dot dk): 
> Shane's patch didn't do the trick for me either. However, I also tested 
> with Tino's patch in order to reproduce the error faster (every 2 minutes, 
> for "Unknown" shows), and here's my findings: 
> I can only reproduce this problem on my IVTV tuners. It's a Hauppauge 
> PVR500 dual tuner card. 
> I also have a WinFast DTV2000H, which is a hybrid analogue/digital tuner. 
> This card uses some different modules (not IVTV), and using this card will 
> not reproduce this error. 
> So... 
> card1: IVTV: PVR500-1: reproducible[[BR]] 
> card2: IVTV: PVR500-2: reproducible[[BR]] 
> card3: V4L: DTV2000 A: not reproducible[[BR]] 
> card4: DVB: DTV2000 D: not reproducible[[BR]] 
> A theory of mine is, that the MPEG2 stream of the ivtv tuner is different 
> than that generated by the DVB card, and may contain some "bugs" that the 
> frontend player can't handle... 
> Another theory (and an educated guess on mythtv recording): During channel 
> change, the card is reset, and a new MPEG stream with headers and stuff is 
> generated. But during program change on the same channel, the card is not 
> reset, but recording happens to a new file. Won't the player be missing 
> some MPEG headers, which causes it to freeze? 
> Maybe those two theories combined are the reason that only my IVTV tuners 
> freeze and the DVB tuner does not? 
> I have kept two recordings for each tuner type, if someone would like to 
> make a comparisson between them. First recording when entering the channel 
> and the following file on program change. Contact me by email for a link 
> to the files (few hundred megs) 
> Miwer 
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