[mythtv] MythTV Multirec Branch...

James Fidell james at fidell.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 10:32:24 UTC 2007

Janne Grunau wrote:
> On Monday 23 July 2007 01:37:54 James Fidell wrote:
>> Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
>>> It should work for ATSC, DVB-T, and DVB-C; DVB-S will not work.
>>> Also DVB Radio will not work and channel scanning may not work.
>> Does this mean that if I wish to record radio programmes from a
>> DVB-T source I should avoid the multirec code for the moment?
> No, should work fine now. But you have to be careful if you switch now 
> to multirec. The database updates are not compatible. You have to make 
> the DB change in multirec manually. 

As often seems to be the way with software, I've installed and
configured mythtv-0.20-fixes only to find that it's not quite the way
I wanted it (I've been using/fiddling with mythtv since around 0.7, but
this is my first DVB install) so I was going to set up all the capture
cards again anyhow.  If I delete all the capture cards from 0.20-fixes,
then update the software to the multirec branch and reinstall the cards
should that work, or am I still going to need to do some DB updates

(If all else fails, or if it's easier, I'm happy to archive off all my
outstanding recordings and start with a brand new database.  All I
really care about keeping are my recording schedules.)


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