[mythtv] Open discussion issue: I want to port mythtv plugins to my embedded STB, which is the good way.

andy yu yujianhua2002 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 03:37:20 UTC 2007

Dear all:
       Now in my project I want to port mythtv plugins to my embedded STB.
I want to turn all you for help please give a better way.

       Now my embedded STB  environment is below:

kernel            uclinux  version  is   2.4.22 , without MMU
arm-elf-gcc     version is 2.95.3  20010315
Multi-Thread support  Yes.
Framebuffer  support  Yes.
graphics engin support:      QT-Embedded.  version is 2.3.7

       Now I have made a plan in order to make it more clearly.

1.  Compling Mythtv and  its plugins,  let us see how does they work,
2.  In order to make it possible to port these plugins to embedded STB, we
need to using mythtv header files and its corresponding   implementation
libraries, either static or dynamic libraries.

     Now the most result I want to know whether it can be possible to port
to my STB, and if possible  how do it calculate the DRAM and flash space  I
will need to prepare for it.  Please give me a good way to port it.

     Open discussion. Any ideas will be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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