[mythtv] Effect of Multi-rec on channel change times....?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri Jul 20 12:53:01 UTC 2007

> I know it *can be* as fast as the STB's. My Aver A180's tune as
> quickly as our Motorola DVR. The Motorola boxes I have connected to
> firewire take a little longer because of the problems with firewire
> capture in general but within a few seconds at most. Sometimes the
> firewire connected box takes longer to pull in a full frame than Myth
> takes to grab the firewire stream so you can actually see the picture
> building through Myth the same as you do if it were connected to the
> TV directly.
> of course, livetv wasn't really usable before I went with gigabit
> ethernet, after which the whole thing sped up. could be different if
> its all on the same machine.

Arghh!!  Stop guessing and start measuring.

I happen to have tried this so I can assure you that the channel change 
time on a DVB-T card can be from 150ms to 800ms depending on how much 
tuning you need, and typically down in the 400ms range.  So in other 
words given no tuning a STB should change channel in sub 0.5 seconds

Now go and profile the damn application so that we can talk about myth 
in an educated way instead of muttering about gigabit and other half 
baked ideas!!

Ed W

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