[mythtv] MythMusic Redux Proposals WAS: Proposed Change to MythMusic

Josh Stewart noisymime at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 00:22:15 UTC 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:

>Steven Adeff wrote:
>> Let's use this thread to post and discuss mock-ups. This is not a
>> "wish list" thread, use the wiki for that and those of us creating
>> mock-ups will use that list to create our ideas. Use this thread to
>> comment on the mock-up. Also, please wait for mock-ups to be posted or
>> create your own instead of just adding comments like "I'd like to see
>> things work this way...".

>I also do not have much time for coding, but here are some of the things
>that caught my eye of late:

>The above link is a series of Mockup a user recently posted to the
>Clutter mailing list. This appears to be his pet project and he has
>written a backend and is now coding the frontend using libclutter and
>the python bindings. For those of you who don't know Clutter is a nice
>API for creating simple but visually rich GL apps, specifically media apps.

Clutter is a fantastic framework, if a little 'young' at this stage.
I've recently started building a frontend type app from scratch with
it using the python bindings, more as a learning exercise than
anything else, but its amazing what you can achieve very easily. I'm
using the mock-ups you've linked to above as a guide, but also doing
my own thing in places however in my opinion, building an interface
similar to Apple's FrontRow etc would not be that hard at all using

There's a few things that play against it from a Myth perspective though
* It requires OpenGL: Maybe not a huge issue, but there's no way of
just unchecking a box and losing some effects to make it work on old
* Its based around GTK+ rather than QT. Again not an insurmountable
problem, but definitely something to think about.

Anyway, just my 2c. I'll put up some screenshots of my toy app once
its a little more complete as I would love to hear peoples opinions
about the UI.

-Josh Stewart

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