[mythtv] Minor fixes to mythlcdprocclient.cpp

Thien Vu thien.vu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 08:29:41 UTC 2007

On 7/14/07, Paul Harrison <mythtv at dsl.pipex.com> wrote:
> > Hmm, if that's the case, can I drop support for LCDproc 0.4.x? The
> > last 0.4 release was over 3 years ago.
> >
> > Thien
> >
> It's only been just over a year since the 0.5 release though.
> I don't have a problem with dropping 0.4.x support if you have to and
> you can provide a good reason for doing so.

Well, my reasoning is there is no longer a developer guide for 0.4.x.
Essentially supporting single line displays would require massive code
changes. I feel like a good way to go is to use some of the features
built-in to the 0.5.x release as the basis for a new client.

Specifically, there's a title widget that would replace the topWidget
that practically all the screen have. Secondly, the horizontal
scrolling code can be replaced by the scrolling widget. Thirdly I
think that all displays of any size can be accommodated by using a
vertical scrolling widget. Again the only special case would be a
single line display that we special case out so it doesn't have a
title row.

My concerns are that
1) I've only started recently messing with lcdproc. I've sent a patch
to support the Shuttle VFD to the codebase for the server side, but
haven't done much work on the client programming side. I've played
with it a little bit so this would actually be the first project on
it. It seems simple enough though.
2) I didn't want to put in all this work and have my patch rejected
because 0.4.x was still going to be supported. The code for
mythlcdserver hasn't changed significantly since it was submitted
several years ago.

An option could be that the user can choose between the old code and
this new code that I'm writing and I can write my code in a separate
lcdprocclient2.cpp or something.


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