[mythtv] Possible Blootube theme bugs

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Fri Jul 13 14:46:44 UTC 2007

Alright "bugs", might not be the right word, but I noticed some things 
that don't appear right in the Blootube themes. Sorry if this should be 
on the users list instead just let me know. I have some links to 
screenshots of blootube-wide that I thought Justin should see.

This is Mythgame in the latest blootube-wide, I have not tried it under 
any other blootube variant. You'll the strange gray lines around the 
frames, I know I saw this on another page besides mythgame, maybe the 
mythvideo browser mode.

This is the Mythvideo setup page for File Types, as compared to what it 
looks like on the mythcenter theme. Notice in blootube you cannot see 
the options for Ignore and Default. This I have seen in all variants of 
blootube (lite, wide, lite-wide, etc). Makes it difficult to setup File 
Types, I usually have to change themes just long enough to get those set 
the way I like.

BTW, the blootube themes are awesome, they make Myth really shine.  You 
do a great job,  thanks for all your hard work.  Oh and I'm fairly sure 
I have the latest versions here, I downloaded the tarballs straight from 
Justin's site about 2 weeks ago, also I'm running SVN.


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