[mythtv] Did somebody say they were going to do a projectgrayhem osd theme?

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri Jul 13 08:21:39 UTC 2007

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> the reason i was fiddling was that i was trying to change them yesterday 
> be cause the defaults Vera was all scrunched up on my 16:10 display
> i subsequently discovered that if i change aspect ratio to 4:3 (from 
> 16:9) then it all looks fine. apart from the picture that is. and no 
> amount of fiddling with the fonts would fix that. is this a bug?
some more playing with by FE shows that this is a problem (on my setup) 
with all OSD. it also affects the on-screen menu in tv playback.
so i have a problem.

one data point is that when in 4:3 mode on my 16:10 widescreen display 
(a 1680x1080 LCD) the OSD is confined to the 4:3 portion of the screen.
this is also the only mode where the character spacing is correct. i've 
checked and do have a correct DisplaySize set in my xorg.conf; so i 
don't think that is the issue.

this is for current svn on an athlon 64 with the above mentioned display 
being driven by DVI.

is it just me and my setup?

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