[mythtv] ... channel change times....?

me at blaue0.net me at blaue0.net
Thu Jul 12 07:37:14 UTC 2007

Quoting Erez D <erez0001 at gmail.com>:
> so i really do not see the reason it takes so much time to change channels
> in myth
> if the frontend will know in advance what the pids are (this info can be
> cached as channles do not change pids so often)
> and will not need to scan the stream for it.
> note also that when changing channels, as we usually watch in no delay
> related to real time, if frontend and backend are on the same machine, then
> the data written to file still sits in the kernel's cache and it should not
> need time to get it from disk
> so as far as i see it. channel changing speeds, could be a lot faster in
> myth.

The reason for channel changing taking longer than with your app is  
that mythtv needs to record a given amount of video before it starts  
to play, in order for timeshifting to work.

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