[mythtv] Question to awithers about mythvideo title sorting

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 11 01:41:04 UTC 2007

I have a question of video sorting by title. Mythvideo does not sort the 
videos exactly as I wish and I found that it is due to be the way the sort 
key is generated in Metadata::GenerateDefaultSortKey which is called by 

The sortkey is generated as: QString ret(title + m.Filename() + 
QString().sprintf("%.7d", m.ID()));
which essentially appends the filename and id to the video title.

I prefer the part 1,2,3 movies to be sorted in order, the above prevents 
this.  For example, the Mission Impossible movies are sorted as:

        Mission Impossible Part III
        Mission Impossible Part II
        Mission Impossible

I prefer the opposite.  If I remove the filename and id from the key (ie. 
"return title" in GenerateDefaultSortKey) they are sorted as I wish them to 

Is there a reason that the filename and ID are appended?  Would it be ok if 
I submitted a patch to change it?  If not could you suggest an alternate way 
for the patch, I'd be willing to code it if you can give some guidance on 
what you'd like to see.

Thanks in advance

Bill (aka Maverik044)

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