[mythtv] Proposed Change to MythMusic

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 19:26:21 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 July 2007 17:17:06 Joseph Caputo wrote:
> I kind of like mpd (http://www.musicpd.org); using MythMusic as a
> frontend to a backend daemon.  I would use mpd only for the actual
> audio output & control, not to maintain the actual music database.
> For that, I'd use something like Firefly (formerly mt-daapd), and for
> frontend collection browsing, we'd need to write a DAAP client (might
> be able to utilize some of the mfd work here).  A setup like this
> would allow a MythMusic frontend to control either its own local
> mfd/audio output, or remotely control an mfd/audio output on another
> machine.  I would not even bother with audio ripping or library
> management, as I'd much rather perform this task on a real PC desktop
> using other tools -- amarok, iTunes, etc.

Lets get this straight - I won't ever support such a move towards a cobbled 
together solution involving different projects, that's taking things entirely 
in the wrong direction IMHO. Now some might accuse me of re-inventing the 
wheel by persisting with mythmusic but I'd rather design the right wheels for 
mythtv than build a vehicle with wheels from a cart, a bicycle , a wonky 
shopping trolley and a tractor. You might just end up with a working 
application for a month or two but it would be a bitch to maintain and even 
harder to setup for the end user.

Giving mythmusic the ability to access music collections shared either via 
upnp or mpd could be a nice optional extra, but at it's heart mythmusic needs 
to operate as a completely self-contained part of mythtv. For which reason 
I'm already working on reducing the number of dependencies and reusing more 
of the existing and future functionality already in the mythtv libs. Better 
integration with mythtv should be the goal here.

Someone is already working on an mpd 'plugin' for mythmusic, designing it as 
an additional decoder which handles the interface between the mpd server. 
This is a route that many other mythmusic plugins could use to give mythmusic 
access to collections on other devices or using other protocols without 
re-writing mythmusic. In simple terms this is what the existing decoders and 
in particular the CD decoder already does.
Stuart Morgan

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