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Mon Jul 9 15:48:37 UTC 2007


On Wednesday 04 July 2007 15:38, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> Report any problems other than the known ones I mentioned
> yesterday :)
I tried out the multirec branch over the weekend, just out of pure interest - I have 3 DVB-T tuners receiving FreeView in the UK, so don't run out that often. I experimentatlly allowed 4 concurrent recoridings on each.

I noticed a couple of issues (possibly related):

First issue was that my machine never became completely idle and thus didn't auto shutdown.

The 2nd was that I saw masses of 'Program #nnnnn not found in PAT!' messages in my logs (@ VB_IMPORTANT) that I haven't seen before (not in those sort of numbers anway).

EIT scanner changes?

I also managed to hard crash my machine, but I think that might of been partly my fault restarting everything just as the slew of recordings I'd scheduled to test all triggered; ending up with a number of zero byte recordings. I had to go out just after that and wanted my required start-up/shutdown semantics so reverted to the trunk at that point.

What I also saw was that two recordings will only be made from the same card concurrently if there are no other free cards available, correct?

This is different from how I expected it might work: It would pack up as many recordings onto a single card as possible before using the next. 
This makes a lot of sense to me in the case of overlaping recordings from the same channel, and also in my hardware situation where my cards are daisy changed so there are some channels that aren't received as well on the last in the chain as on the first, so using less cards guarantees better quality recordings - Any chance this could be optional?

If there's anything you'd like in terms of information about the above I'll happily try it again, collect, and provide it (scheduled recordings accepting!)...


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