[mythtv] Proposed Change to MythMusic

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 09:32:10 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 July 2007 10:08:11 Gaeremynck, Matthieu wrote:
> Maybe something to keep in mind for future mythtv versions. Currently if
> you play music the music stops as soon as you go back to the main view.
> I think there should be a "function" to keep the music playing. Example;
> I have people coming to watch my pictures. So I would put some music on,
> start watching the pictures. Now you have to watch your pictures in
> silence ;)

This 'feature' is suggested by users regularly. Which is just one reason why 
we ask users to post wishlist features to the wiki and not to the mailing 
list or trac.

If I ever get the time then I might implement this but it's a little more 
complicated than it sounds. Mostly because few people can really say have 
they imagine it working - how is music controlled once you leave mythmusic? 
Should music stop playing when you watch tv or a recording? More importantly 
should the music resume playing when you leave a recording? Think carefully 
about that last one because people's first answer is usually yes until they 
consider the possibility of loud rock/metal suddenly blasting out without 

Assuming that everyone wants music/volume to be controllable even when not in 
mythmusic and for music to stop when audio is required for other things e.g. 
TV, recordings, video, DVDs, phone that means changes to several areas of 
Stuart Morgan

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