[mythtv] mythtv features i've been working on.

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Sun Jul 8 10:59:23 UTC 2007

>> Over the last 9 months, I've made some changes to Mythtv that I find useful.
>>  Wanted to know if any of these features are liked by others.
>>  The changes are found in 2 diffs which "should" apply cleanly to the latest
>> SVN
>>  revision. I update the diffs once a week.
>>   -> mythtv branch diff
>>  http://rippleweb.com/mythtv/custom_mythtv.diff
>>  -> myththeme branch diff
>>  http://rippleweb.com/mythtv/custom_mythtv_themes.diff
>>  Before compiling,  create the following symlinks
>>   cd libs/libmythtv
>>   ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.h
>>   ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp
>>   ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/viewscheduled.h
>>   ln -s ../../programs/mythfronted/viewscheduled.cpp
>> Myththeme changes have only been applied to the mythCenter theme and
>> Titivillus OSD theme, so please use these themes to experience all the
>> features.
>> I use a nvidia fx5200 and Xv video output. I am not sure how these features
>> perform in any other mode.
>>   test it on your dev PCs and let me know what you think ?
>> If there are some features folks like, i'll clean up the code and start
>> creating tickets for the requested features.
>> Features are:
>> 1) embedded playbackbox and scheduled view. This works like the
>> embedded program guide. Just go to the TV OSD Menu and select "Recorded
>> Shows"
>> or "Scheduled Recordings".
>> 2) PIP between a Recorded Show and Live TV. From the Embedded "Watch
>> Recordings" window, select "Play in PIP" and the recording starts up as a
>> PIP. Even works for DVDs using the internal dvd player. I like to watch a
>> recording
>> while playing an exercise video. I use Picture by Picture for this.
>> 3) Picture by Picture. (PBP)
>>   Add "PBPMode" = 1 to the Settings table.
>>   Then when the picture is in PIP mode, hit the PIPToggle button again to
>> activate PBP, then hit the PIPToggle button again
>>   to go back to just one picture.
>> 4) If you are watching a recorded show, then exit to the main menu, hitting
>> Watch Live TV will take you back to where you left off.
>> So basically no need to go fishing around in Watch Recordings to find the
>> show
>> you were last watching. My wife really likes this one.
>> Stores last show in RAM, so if you restart Mythtv you lose the setting. I
>> like
>> it this way.
>> 5) Selecting "Watch TV" first checks if a tuner is free. If not, it plays
>> the
>> newest recording. Option available to turn off the feature.
>> Both feature (1) and (5) depend on the TV::startWatchingTV function which
>> replaces the startTV function. I wanted to a way
>> where I can go from Live TV to a recorded show and back again, without
>> deleting the
>>  TV object.
>> If you go through the diff,  you'll see that it has a libmythstream library.
>> I
>> have it disabled by default , but for those who want to enable and play with
>> it , please let me know and i'll send you the mythweb piece of it. It's
>> pretty crude.
>> This allows me to record internet shows, like NPR, BBC, by telling mythtv
>> through the mythweb interface to record a radio show at a particular time
>> and
>> date.
>> I use to record internet radio shows that don't archive old shows. This
>> allows
>> me to archive the files.
>> There are some other  minor changes I made, so I just listed the main ones.
Hey, i wanted to know what's happened to the pbp (picture by picture 
feature) and the embeded playback screen, while watching a recording??

Will the patches for this come some time?? I liked those features....

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