[mythtv] Proposal for Zap2It labs

Justin Moore justin at cs.duke.edu
Thu Jul 5 16:05:13 UTC 2007

> All you have to do is keep the parts that are the same in all versions.

Well it's a good thing you know those three copies alone contain all the
information you need to detect the problem.  Your mathematical insights
and analysis regarding the probability of detection versus the number
and type of Zap2It accounts necessary are astounding.  They make my
off-list discussions pale in comparison.

> If you're so sure, why don't you design such a system, and make millions.

I plan to.  The next action item it to send the proposal to my VCs.  I
figure I can leverage this new client-centered paradigm for the virtual
information marketplace in a win-win manner.  If we keep our focus on
the big picture, FuzzyListings(tm) could go public by the end of Q4-07.

Thanks for your support!

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