[mythtv] mtd: libdvdread vs libdvdnav

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Jul 5 11:35:29 UTC 2007

Stuart Morgan wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 July 2007 20:43:25 Lucas Meijer wrote:
>> Stuart Morgan wrote:
>>> Err, could you not just play it from the DVD? I fail to understand why
>>> you would bother to rip a rented DVD just to play it, then delete it
>>> afterwards.
>> I do this all the time due to the unbelievable noise my dvd reader makes.
> A new drive at 15($30) would probably be a good investment, combined with the 
> drive speed setting in mythtv. Certainly better value than all the time 
> wasted ripping DVDs just to play them. 

My answer is the same, also they play and pause more smoothly from 
disk.  Basically if I bought a bunch of DVDs then I just stick them 
straight into the slot, rip'em then I can watch them at my convenience 
and have the boxes out of reach of my 2 year old.

If I wanted a DVD player then I would have just bought a 50 DVD player 
from the supermarket - I am using a 1,000 computer because it can 
hopefully do some things that the cheap low power DVD player can't...  I 
also live in hope that eventually I will be able to use bookmarks in my 
ripped DVDs and then watch them in chunks as I get the time. 

(Please lets head off the get a quieter DVD player thing though - I have 
a pile of spare DVD players which were sold to me as "quiet".  Everyone 
has a different definition of quiet and my audio system has 5 large 
power amplifiers hooked up to a lot of drivers using some custom digital 
crossovers and filters.  It will go down to 10Hz at reasonable volume 
and with low phase delay.  I really, really don't want whirring things 
during quiet passages...)

Ed W
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