[mythtv] mtd: libdvdread vs libdvdnav

Bradley Kite bradley.kite at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 13:00:45 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I'm currently looking into converting Myth Transcoding Daemon to use
libdvdnav (as libmythdvdnav) instead of libdvdread because this is what is
used when actually watching DVDs in the first place (removes a dependency),
and doesn't have problems with RipGuard or other copy protection mechanisms.

In my initial testing I have developed a C app (with libdvdnav) which just
dumps the mpeg stream to disk (just to prove to myself that I can do it
because I've never worked with either libdvdread or libdvdnav before) and it
seems to work OK.

The problem I have so far is that it just seems to run really slowly. Like
just about playback speed.

Now this is most probably a libdvdnav question and this might be the wrong
list, however I was wondering if I could have the advise of a libdvdnav
expert on here: As libdvdnav actually implements a DVD virtual machine, my
guess is that its this that is controlling "play-back" speed (in
dvdnav_get_next_cache_block() ??).

Does any body know if its possible to get around this?

If its not possible to get around this problem, I would welcome comments
regarding possibly having two rippers: One that uses libdvdread (for
non-ripguard DVD's) and another using libdvdnav for the disks that don't
work with libdvdread?

Any other general guidence will be welcomed also!

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