[mythtv] DVD meny is flickering when created with MythArchive

Roger Martensson roger.martensson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 16:34:59 UTC 2007


Just wanted to see if there are any "me toos" on this issue I'm having.

I'm creating a DVD ISO with mytharchive and I have a very annoying 
problem when creating them.

What I do is pick two small shows I have. Choose Standard Profile and 
Single layer DVD. I pick MythCenter as my theme and creates an ISO which 
I later shows with the internal player. I'm also in PAL country trying 
to show out through a PVR-350.

 I have tried to burn it too to show it on a Sony player I have. Same 

What happens is that the text and thin lines flickers like it was 
showing an interlaced picture.

I also have a green box around the pictures that is autogenerated. My 
guess is that it should be transparent but it is not.

The third and probably that last problem I see is that there is no 
selection box for me to see. It is there somewhere because I can choose 
a recording to view but it is transparent.

I tried to look into the sources but I can't figure out where to begin. 
Is it the ffmpeg conversion that is wrong somewhere or is there a switch 
in the wrong place for dvdauthor?

I'm trying with another theme right now but I'm pretty sure that it 
exhibits the same problems.

/Roger.Martensson at gmail.com

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