[mythtv] testing mythtv-vid branch - questions & problems

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Tue Jul 3 03:04:55 UTC 2007

>> I'm not aware of any cards that can render 1080i using our
>> OpenGL renderer, but then again the newest nVidia card I
>> have is a 6800. nVidia PureVideo is a completely different
>> beast and is not available under Linux. Not that it is
>> something we couldn't implement ourselves, it would just
>> be a few months of work for someone talented to tackle it.
> I have 7600GT with 256MB and driver 8776 core 2 duo 2.4ghz 2gb ram,
> the mythtv-vid opengl renderer works perfectly at 1920x1080 60hz
> playing back various sources, h264 recordings transcoded  to xvid (too
> intensive to playback in realtime currently), mpeg2, blue ray.
> Its the biggest single improvement ive seen in mythtv in the past few
> months, the overall video qualiy seems much improved, especially in
> upscaled sd content.
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the info.   I might consider moving to a card with some more 
grunt! :)

I'd be interested to know what you use for the following settings (the 
number of combinations to try makes it hard to know what combination is 

    * Deinterlacer
    * Rendering method for OSD
    * vsync options in "nvidia-settings"
    * OpenGL vsync setting mythtv


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