[mythtv] Changeset 12564 for HDHomeRun.

Jeremy Rosengren jeremy at rosengren.org
Tue Jan 30 04:15:41 UTC 2007

I've been trying to help a friend get his HDHomeRun working with the 
ATrpms .20-fixes packages.  He's been having problems described in this 

Basically, he's able to record through myth from the HDHomeRun, but he's 
not able to play the recordings back - all he gets is a black screen on 

It seems like the changes in Changeset 12564 
(http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/12564) would help - is there any 
chance that this changeset can make it into .20-fixes or are the changes 
significant enough where they'll have to wait until .21?

Thanks much,

-- jeremy

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