[mythtv] Multiple simultaneous language support

Chris Hamilton chamilton at cs.dal.ca
Tue Jan 30 03:49:25 UTC 2007

Any comments on the following?  Anybody?  Or should I just shut up and
get to work? :)

> First off, I'll introduce myself as a relatively long-time Myth user (3
> years), and a big fan of the project.  I haven't been very active on the
> development side of things, mostly working on local hacks, having only
> contributed back a single patch. I'd like to change that, and get a
> little more involved in the project.
> Many people in North America and in Europe simultaneously receive
> programming in multiple languages (in my case, I regularly watch both
> English and French programming).  MythTV is already quite well
> internationalized, but it currently works in a single chosen language at
> a time. I'd like to see MythTV, specifically the program listings, work
> a little more smoothly with multiple simultaneous languages.
> Some of the things I'd like to see:
> * language specific handling of prefixes when using the Program Finder
> * filtering listings based on program language (in normal guide, Program
> Finder screen, etc)
> As a first step to doing this, it would effectively be necessary to add
> a 'language' field to the 'program' table, likely just a ISO 639-2 three
> letter language code. Here's how I envision this working:
> (ASIDE: Maybe separate 'description_language' and 'program_language'
> fields? Does this ever happen, where the description/title has come down
> in one language, but the program is in another?)
> * All sources of guide data populate this field if they are sure
> (mythfilldb, EIT parser, etc). If a guide source is unsure, then the
> field is left null.
> * Potentially a machine learning classifier for unclassified programs.
> Something like this might be relatively computationally expensive, but
> could be run as a background task.  Ideally, the classifier would only
> label program it was 'sure' about in some statistical sense.
> * Finally, configurable default values.  For simplicity I would envision
> just defaulting to some global default language (the same as the
> language used in the interface?), but maybe a per 'chanid' over-ride?
> So, basically I'm just looking for comments and maybe suggestions.  I
> realize that such a fix is likely to impact a large variety of places in
> the code and thus the scope is relatively large.  Does this sound like a
> reasonable undertaking?
> Cheers,
> Chris
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