[mythtv] Plugin idea MythCopy

Willem Ligtenberg wligtenberg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 14:45:16 UTC 2007

That might be another feature for the future. First I want it just to
be able to copy disks.
And that it would have a status screen. All in myth. It will however
use some other tools through the commandline (ofcourse) so maybe later
I could use k9copy through the commandline for resizing.
First I need to get a new menu item for copying in the optical drive
menu, which says copy.
Then this would call some commandline stuff (through c++?) And then
displays the status in a DVD rip kind of way.
So I will have a look at the DVD ripping function, but if anybody
could help me on the way, it will be greatly appreciated.
Is there some API spec or something? Because the plugin dev page on
the wiki is rather short.

Thanks in advance,

Willem Ligtenberg

On 1/17/07, Scott Milliken <scott.milliken at e-comsultant.net> wrote:
> Willem Ligtenberg wrote:
> > @ Brad: Yes I am talking about just duplicating a CD or DVD.
> > But wouldn't it be nicer if it is all done within the MythTV gui?
> > Then back to the message I am replying to.
> >
> It would also be nice if the program would automatically re-encode the
> video appropriate to the target media - so that a dual layer DVD that
> you want to back up onto a single layer DVD will fit - very much like
> the Windows program "DVD Shrink".
> Scott
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