[mythtv] Plugin idea MythCopy

Willem Ligtenberg wligtenberg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 09:40:00 UTC 2007

@ Brad: Yes I am talking about just duplicating a CD or DVD.
But wouldn't it be nicer if it is all done within the MythTV gui?
Then back to the message I am replying to.

> 1) As you have noted, MythVideo and MythArchive
> already half do this. My ideal would be to have
> a "disk image library" which could have disks
> imported/ripped into it, and disks burned from it.
> This would conceptually be MythArchive?
True, but I think it shouldn't be more than a few clicks. preferably
one. Just like you mention in your option number 2.

> 2) The way I do this at home for my wife is:
> % cat copyDVD.sh
> readcd dev=/dev/dvd f=/myth/mythburn/temp/dvd.iso && \
> eject && \
> xmessage -buttons OK -default OK 'Please remove original and insert a
> blank disk'
> dvdrecord -v dev=/dev/dvd -dao -v /myth/mythburn/temp/dvd.iso && \
> eject && \
> rm /myth/mythburn/temp/dvd.iso
> % less /usr/share/mythtv/dvdmenu.xml
> ...
>     <button>
>        <type>BURN</type>
>        <text>Duplicate a DVD</text>
>        <action>EXEC xterm -fn *18* -e /home/nigel/copyDVD.sh</action>
>     </button>

This is actually almost what I mean, the only thing I miss is a status
screen or something.
And that it is done as a mythtv proces so that the computer won't shut
down while copying.
(My computer shuts down if the mythtv is idle for a while.)

> 3) To make this a bit nicer, it could create user jobs
> for imaging the disk and ejecting, then putting up an
> OSD message or sound telling the user to insert a blank,
> and then another user job to do the burn and verification.
> That way, the user could watch a bit of TV in between?

So this is what I want. But this should be a plugin right? OR is there
some other way?
Like I said, I would also like a progress bar of the copy to disk and
burn status.
If this is possible without actually writing a plugin, but a mere
scrip in say python, I will prefer that route over the wrting of a
plugin. My python is better than my c++.

> Anyway. I don't mean to discourage you from coding.
> Just wanted to give you some other options?
That's why I posted here :) Comments are very welcome.


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