[mythtv] JobQueue Suggestion: Average Load of Backend

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Jan 9 06:32:15 UTC 2007

* On Mon Jan 08, 2007 at 03:02:36PM -0800, Blammo wrote:
> I'll make this quick and easy. My primary system at home has (1)

Reply will be just as easy. :)  This has been mentioned before.  It would
probably be a nice addition if done properly, meaning it took into account
pending recordings, as well as incorporated the ability to pause running
jobs if we fired off too much.  There is a patch in trac that implements
the pausing part, but I haven't had a chance to apply it to my tree and
test it.  Something like this would have to default to Off and be well
tested.  I've tried to be very cautious with things like this, and the
current setting at least makes it so the user has to shoot themself in the
foot rather than Myth doing it for them and causing bad recordings.

Right now, I have a dedicated JobQueue server and I still have a time
window set for that server so it doesn't try to do something like run
mythcommflag on 2 recordings and saturate the network on one of my
backends while I'm recording something else.

Another user replied mentioning job scheduling so I'll reply to that
as well.  I'd like for the JobQueue to be more intelligent about
jobs, possibly to the extent of actually scheduling jobs instead of just
letting the JobQueue instances pick up jobs as they can.  This would also
involve prioritizing jobs, so you could do things like run auto commercial
flagging immediately for House, and push transcoding of The Golden Girls
to the end of the queue automatically.  Too many ideas, too little time,
and right now I'm getting the urge to work on adding the ability to keep
multiple versions of a recording online (think original HD version and
low-def transcoded version both playable via the same recording entry),
but, that will have to wait until I get some of my tickets cleared and
knock out a few more of my miscellaneous Storage Group TODO items.


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