[mythtv] DVB Radio issues

Norm Dressler norm at dressler.ca
Mon Jan 8 21:49:30 UTC 2007

> I've seen problems like this in some situations and haven't managed to 
> pin it down.  When this happened on minimyth I managed to solve it by 
> ensuring that mythfrontend ran as an unprivileged user rather than root. 
>   I still don't understand why that worked.
> That may not be the problem in your case.  I suspect that this has 
> something to do with the data rate and buffering in the front end.  The 
> bit rate of a normal TV video+audio stream is substantially higher than 
> that of a radio+fake video stream and when I've seen stuttering it 
> usually seems to be accompanied by prebuffering pauses in the log.
> David.

At least you guys can get those channels to tune.  I can't get it to
lock properly and find the dummy video (NA) at all -- it says:

2007-01-08 16:42:21.353 DTVSM(1) Error: We want 0 audio and 1 video
                        But have 1 audio and 0 video streams

I tried setting the video PID to 0x200 and changing the dimensions of
the video to match this file dummy1280x720p25.00.ts.

Not sure how to debug this one...


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