[mythtv] UK Freeview "Playback"

Nick Craig-Wood nick at craig-wood.com
Mon Jan 8 19:00:33 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 02:06:35PM +0000, Ashley Bostock wrote:
> On 1/5/07, Richard Conway <ric at weirdness.com> wrote:
> >On a slightly similar note, I've noticed that when two back to back
> >recordings are on different channels and I have system wide padding
> >enabled, it will cut one off to start the next - even if there is a
> >spare tuner available that could start the second recording thus keeping
> >both overlaps.
> That really annoys/puzzles me too.

You both might want to read this thread where I brought up the same


Use the per-program start early / end late and it will all work as you
desire.  The "system wide" padding doesn't do what you think it

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