[mythtv] MePo-wide. A New Mythtv Theme now available for downlaod.

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 6 17:27:34 UTC 2007

> >> Cool. The only issue I've seen within the core myth stuff is the  
> >> thumbnail on the watch recordings not changing when selecting a new  
> >> video. I don't have video previews on and I view with group  
> >> information on. It changes when I hit a new group, but not once I  
> >> enter the group and scroll through the videos.
> >>
> > There's also a problem with mixed aspect ratio preview images.  If a 4:3
> > preview image is shown, and then a 16:9, the 16:9 is drawn on top of the
> old
> > 4:3 and the result is you can see the bottom of the previous 4:3 preview
> > thumbnail (because the 16:9 thumbnail has less height).  It appears that
> maybe
> > the preview thumbnail area isn't being redrawn with the background
> color/image
> > before the new image is drawn in it's place?
> >
> > I'm using an older svn version (r11369), so I guess that could be the
> problem,
> > but it works for Retro so I thought it might be theme-related.
> >
> > --Jack
> >   

> thnax guys, keep 'em coming. Right now I'm still focusing mostly on 
> completing the theme but I will certainly look at these issues as I near 
> completion

So I spent some time troubleshooting these issues (I updated to r12418) and
this is what I've found:

1) The repaint event is indeed being generated
2) The event does indeed intersect with the PlaybackBox::drawVideoBounds, and
PlaybackBox::updateVideo does get called
3) The line in updateVideo that draws the pixmap
(p->drawPixmap(drawVideoBounds.x(), drawVideoBounds.y(), temp) appears to get
called (at least I verified that temp.width() > 0, which is the condition on
the drawPixmap line).
4) PlaybackBox::curitem points the new new item (i.e. it isn't a case of "yes,
we're drawing, but it's the old item getting drawn again")
5) If I try to draw the pixmap over the left or right panes of the
recording/group lists both the aspect ratio and the not-getting-update issues
go away.

So as best as I can tell, we're trying to paint the right thing at the right
place at the right time, and the QPainter just isn't getting it done.  Also, I
don't see the theme's draworder being used anyplace in PlaybackBox.  Is that

I have a couple of other things I still have to try (I'd like to take the
pixmap out of the picture and alternate drawing black/white boxes so I know it
really isn't getting redrawn, maybe draw the same pixmap twice... once where it
isn't working, once in the region where it is, etc).  But if someone out there
understands QT painting better than I do (I just started reading the online
docs last night) than I'm all ears...


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