[mythtv] NOTICE: XMLTV support changes

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Fri Jan 5 23:19:58 UTC 2007

On Friday 5 January 2007 22:43, Alexander Hixon wrote:
> Hoorah! Thanks for this Stuart, really appreciate it.
> Do you have any details on what data issues will be addressed by
> mythfilldatabase when run on the grabber data?

No details I'm afraid. In the initial commits I'll only be removing a few of 
the fixups so little will change. I'll then review what remains and make 
further changes as necessary. I'm trying to keep the number of changes down 
so that it's more manageable and this certainly isn't a re-write of the xmltv 
parsing code.

> Also, while looking at your patch a few months back, the capabilities
> check seemed only to look for baseline, and manualconfig. Is Myth going
> to check for grabbers for the optional 'cache' capability and enabling
> cache functions similar to what's currently implemented with DataDirect?
> (if that makes any sense)

I've added support for the cache capability and also the 
newer "preferredmethod" capability. I'll try to support new capabilities as 
they are announced.
Stuart Morgan

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