[mythtv] NOTICE: XMLTV support changes

Alexander Hixon who.am.i at aquabeta.net
Fri Jan 5 22:43:18 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 21:35 +0000, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> In the next few days I'm planning to commit a bunch of changes to the XMLTV 
> grabber handling which is guaranteed to break things for a handfull of 
> people. So this is an advanced warning and an explanation of what you need to 
> do.
> The changes will remove any grabber or country specific fixups (hacks) from 
> mythfilldatabase. From now on we will treat every grabber according to 
> the "capabilities" it claims to support.
> http://xmltv.org/wiki/xmltvcapabilities.html
> The XML output from the grabber will be expected to comply with the XMLTV DTD 
> 0.5 meaning that any data in the wrong fields, incorrectly formatted or 
> missing won't be imported correctly into the programme guide.
> http://xmltv.org/wiki/xmltvfileformat.html
> Only generic fixups of data will be allowed in mythfilldatabase, any other 
> problems will have to be addressed it the grabber itself.
> So if you are using a grabber which isn't contained in the current xmltv 
> release (0.5.45) you should contact the author. Ask if it is compliant to the 
> current DTD and supports the --capabilities argument.

Hoorah! Thanks for this Stuart, really appreciate it.
Do you have any details on what data issues will be addressed by
mythfilldatabase when run on the grabber data?

Also, while looking at your patch a few months back, the capabilities
check seemed only to look for baseline, and manualconfig. Is Myth going
to check for grabbers for the optional 'cache' capability and enabling
cache functions similar to what's currently implemented with DataDirect?
(if that makes any sense)

Otherwise, I can't wait for this commit!


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