[mythtv] MePo-wide. A New Mythtv Theme now available for downlaod.

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 15:40:25 UTC 2007


> > usually this would be a bug, but unfortunatly, it's a pluginI barely
> > touched and have not finished yet as it was really giving me problems.
> > for now, you can just delete the gallery-ui.xml from the
> > themes/MePo-wide folder and at least that will get you the default  
> > wide
> > screen layout for the plugin.
> >
> > currently only core mythtv is supported along with mythmusic
> >
> > this thread is the right place to report problems unless someone  
> > objects.
> Cool. The only issue I've seen within the core myth stuff is the  
> thumbnail on the watch recordings not changing when selecting a new  
> video. I don't have video previews on and I view with group  
> information on. It changes when I hit a new group, but not once I  
> enter the group and scroll through the videos.

There's also a problem with mixed aspect ratio preview images.  If a 4:3
preview image is shown, and then a 16:9, the 16:9 is drawn on top of the old
4:3 and the result is you can see the bottom of the previous 4:3 preview
thumbnail (because the 16:9 thumbnail has less height).  It appears that maybe
the preview thumbnail area isn't being redrawn with the background color/image
before the new image is drawn in it's place?

I'm using an older svn version (r11369), so I guess that could be the problem,
but it works for Retro so I thought it might be theme-related.


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