[mythtv] EPIA M10k - XvMC: Very high CPU (even when paused!!)

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jan 3 01:15:47 UTC 2007

Sorry may have crossed over threads as I replied with more info to my
own earlier mail.

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> Can you try the mythtv-vid branch, to see if this is fixed
> there? Stanley rewrote the preview video code and cleaned
> it up quite a bit in the process.

I can try, but not right now..... I'll try to do it sometime this week.

>> I've not got the CPU friendly previews option on, but I'll try that now
>> and let you know if it has the same behaviour.
> If the video previews are the problem, you should be able to
> turn them off and not have this happen. Can you tell me if
> that works?

Quick test appears to be initialising correctly as VLD (tried 4 times),
so it does indeed point to a race in the preview code somewhere.

Let me know if you want a ticket for this, and/or if it's still
neccessary for me to try the -vid branch.

Cheers and thanks very much for the feedback.



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