[mythtv] "Automatic" transcoding after adding cut-points?

Søren Dalsgaard soren at dalsgaards.dk
Mon Jan 1 18:24:30 UTC 2007

I often go through my recordings to mark the precise program start/end for
easier burning to dvd with mytharchive.Is it possible to "push a button" to
have the backend strip the unwanted parts of a recording permanently?

This would be nice because my frontend for the time being is an hauppauge
media mvp running mvpmc which does talk with mythtv but does not understand
cut-points. On a side note it should be possible to save a bit of disk
space, too. :-)

A related question would then be: Does anybody have a script that will
remove the parts described by the cutlist and transcode the programme into
xvid/divx, prefereably with the subtitles ripped too (if at all possible).

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