[mythtv] Possible FLV player(s) for mythweb?

Martin Møller martin at mail.martinm-76.dk
Wed Feb 28 23:57:26 UTC 2007

Hi there.

It's not all that pretty and I'm not sure if it's streaming, but it *is* BSD licenced, which should be GPL compatible:


Source is present. Seems to be somewhat abandoned, so it would take some effort to make it really usable I think.

The MING framework looks promising, but is probably too big a mouthfull for mythweb to use...

There is a link to FLVPlayer source at the bottom and that seems to be GPL licensed. Maybe it could be made to work after all?

An opensource flash streaming server: http://osflash.org/red5

The player from this module seems nice as well, but I'm unsure of the license. Many of the files in the package are GPL'ed....

This one is unfree but looks nice, might to possible to support as a 'plugin'?


Just some food for thought. I'm a bit behind on this list so if any of these have been up before, I appologize.


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