[mythtv] mythweather-revamp

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Wed Feb 28 15:16:25 UTC 2007

Martin Long wrote:
>>> I started to write a message to clarify what I was asking for, but then
>>> I realized the futility of it.  The key feature of the
>>> mythweather-revamp plugin is also its key problem: it relies on plugins
>>> (scripts) to get its weather data, and those plugins are localized to
>>> the end user.
>>> In other words, for a user in the US with mythweather-revamp installed,
>>> they would have to use scripts geared towards the US, and for users in
>>> other parts of the globe, they would have to use scripts geared towards
>>> their locale.
>>> The US-based scripts exist primarily because the author is in the US
>>> (necessity is the mother of invention, after all).  I guess the only way
>>> other scripts will come about is if others decide to make them, and, if
>>> those outside of the US are happy with MythWeather as it is, then the
>>> need just isn't there...
>> This could be solved pretty easily if just one script was written to use the
>> current mythweather sources and make that the default for all locales unless
>> another script exists. Eventually over time more scripts could be written
>> for 
>> areas such as the UK, but until then we could put the mythweather revamp in 
>> SVN and not break it for a large number of people.
>> Although MSNBC is unreliable it's better than nothing and users currently 
>> learn to put up with it. N.B. The main problem with MSNBC is that they have 
>> two servers sharing the load, one has been broken for a very long time and 
>> always provides bad data.
> That sounds like a good solution. I would say that as soon as such a script
> could be created the revamp should be considered as a replacement. I would
> imagine it wouldn't take long after that to get 'improved' scripts
> contributed for all of the major territories. 
> Until then, I suppose you have got the revamp working fine on your box,
> Rich? Is there a specific difficulty with not having it as the official
> plugin in SVN?

Interesting... I'll take a look at how the current information is
grabbed from the Mythweather module to see how difficult it would be to
roll a script to do the dirty work.  Everything in the current module is
grabbed from MSNBC?

In regard to getting it working: I did not have any issues getting it
built and installed.  The only issue I ran in to was with the lack of
execute permission on one of the default scripts.  Otherwise, it was a
drop-in replacement.


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