[mythtv] Problem building mythgallery/iconview.cpp in SVN trunk

Mark Paulus mark.paulus at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Feb 27 23:32:05 UTC 2007

Mark Paulus wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just checked out the trunk from SVN and managed to build mythtv (lib & 
> lib-dev), and got them installed into a chroot environment so I can 
> build mythplugins.  However, while trying to build 
> mythgallery/iconview.cpp, I get errors that mythmediamonitor.h isn't 
> found, and after poking around in my chroot env, I can't find it either.
> Am I missing something, or does the repository need an update?
> Thanks.

This looks to be the issue:

$ svn diff
Index: libs/libmyth/libmyth.pro
--- libs/libmyth/libmyth.pro    (revision 12897)
+++ libs/libmyth/libmyth.pro    (working copy)
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
  inc.files += mythwidgets.h remotefile.h util.h oldsettings.h 
  inc.files += settings.h uitypes.h xmlparse.h mythplugin.h mythdialogs.h
  inc.files += audiooutput.h inetcomms.h httpcomms.h mythmedia.h 
-inc.files += uilistbtntype.h generictree.h managedlist.h
+inc.files += uilistbtntype.h generictree.h managedlist.h mythmediamonitor.h
  inc.files += visual.h volumebase.h output.h langsettings.h qmdcodec.h
  inc.files += exitcodes.h mythconfig.h mythconfig.mak virtualkeyboard.h
  inc.files += mythevent.h mythobservable.h mythsocket.h
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