[mythtv] tv_grab_nl is called by mythfilldatabase without --config-file option. See also gentoo bug #168248

Xander Hover xander.hover at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 19:30:57 UTC 2007


I have started using mythtv a couple of weeks ago and found the
following problem with the way mythfilldatabase calls tv_grab_nl.
tv_grab_nl will then use the configfile in the ~/.xmltv
dir instead of in the ~/.mythtv dir.

As it turns out, tv_grab_nl is not called with the --config-file
option which is annoying when using multiple input sources. Anyhow, to
my understanding it should be possible to have 1 configfile.xmltv
file per input source such that the channels in these files map to the
right input source.

The following trivial patch, which is attached below, solved the problem for me.
The problem was also reported at the gentoo bugzilla site as gentoo bug #168248

Kind regards,

Xander Hover

diff -Naur programs/mythfilldatabase/filldata.cpp
--- programs/mythfilldatabase/filldata.cpp      2007-02-24
+++ programs/mythfilldatabase/filldata.cpp      2007-02-24
@@ -2574,8 +2574,8 @@
                         xmltv_grabber.ascii(), configfile.ascii(),
     else if (xmltv_grabber == "tv_grab_nl")
-        command.sprintf("nice %s --output %s",
-                        xmltv_grabber.ascii(),
+        command.sprintf("nice %s --config-file '%s' --output %s",
+                        xmltv_grabber.ascii(), configfile.ascii(),
     else if (xmltv_grabber == "tv_grab_fi")
         // Use the default of 10 days for Finland's grabber

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