[mythtv] Analog (v4l) tuner card audio sample rate

Ed Winde (mythtv-dev) ewindes.46663065 at bloglines.com
Sat Feb 24 21:25:14 UTC 2007

I'm trying to setup a Kworld ATSC-110 (hybrid) DVB/analog tuner card under
mythtv  After building from the subversion source, mythtv-setup allows me to
configure both halves (digital and analog) of the card.  (Yea!)

The digital portion of the cards is working well - but tuning to an analog
channel gives me "stuttering chipmunk" sound - a cycle of a second or two of
audio played too fast, followed by a second or two of silence.  The console
reports "prebuffering pause" and audio underruns.  My interpretation is that
the tuner card and myth aren't agreeing on the audio sampling rate.

One of the mythtv-setup options for the analog portion of the card is "audio
sampling rate limit".  I've set that to 32000 - but I don't see any change
with that limit set.  I also played with the audio sampling rate in the
"LiveTV" recording profile, and had brief success, but that no longer seems
to work.

My understanding of the "audio sampling rate limit" is that it indicates the
highest rate at which the card can provide audio samples.  If this is
correct, it should override the sampling rate set in the recording
profiles.  (True?)  If so, something isn't working.  If someone could point
me towards the right section in the code, I'd be happy to investigate

Ed Windes
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