[mythtv] OpenGL developments

Micah Galizia micahgalizia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 01:16:48 UTC 2007

On 2/22/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 02/21/2007 05:49 PM, Martin Long wrote:
> > Number of shaders, vectors, etc is all to do with 3D rendering, and it
> aint
> > gonna help much with 1080 decoding. In fact, most of the value of this
> card
> > is in it's 3D capabilities, and you'll probably find most cards
> supporting
> > XvMC will have similar capabilities. The key is to make sure it will
> support
> > both MC and iDCT to take full advantage of the decoding, and check it's
> > fully supported by myth.
> NVIDIA's XvMC doesn't (and probably won't ever) support H.264 decode
> assist...  Instead, they'll probably go the PureVideo approach (which
> uses programmable pixel shaders).

So, is anyone working one something like this yet?
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