[mythtv] Ticket #3077: Default CD Device selection

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Feb 19 23:32:02 UTC 2007

Matthew, sorry for the delay in replying.
I am slowly working on bits of the MythMediaMonitor.

>> 1) I agree that having a default device selector is useful, and  
>> having the
>> burning functions seperate is also good. Having four defaults seems
>> overkill, though? Maybe just one DefaultBurner setting?
> This patch actually only creates two defaults - one for DVD and one  
> for CD drives.

Well, you only added defaultCDDevice and defaultDVDDevice,
but there are also CDWriterDevice, CDDevice,
MythArchiveDVDLocation and DVDDeviceLocation?

>   However, it may well make more sense to just have a single default?

We probably should just keep CDDevice and DVDDeviceLocation,
and add DefaultWriter?

Another alternative might be to pop up a device selector
each time the user is going to burn something?

>> 2) Most of your code compares the *DeviceLocation setting to  
>> "default",
>> and then looks up another setting. Why not just use the first  
>> setting?
>> (''i.e.'' make the UI GetCDROMBlockDevices changes in
>> programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp)
> Not quite sure what you mean.  By default plugins have their own  
> setting for CD/DVD drive locations, if it is set to "default" only  
> then will it look up the MythTV global default.  This would require  
> removing the plugin setting which I don't think people would like.

Agreed - there may be some pain,
but I think the simpler code is worth it,
and six settings is definitely excessive!

>> 4) Prepending /dev into the paths in the GUI selectors is a bit  
>> wasteful,
>> and won't work on Windows or Mac OS X. (Note, however, that I do  
>> something
>> equally bad in mythvideo/main.cpp on OS X). Maybe a new method,
>> MythMediaMonitor::GetCDMedias() that already prepends this for  
>> appropriate
>> OSs?
> That may well be better, that could internally call  
> getCDROMBlockDevices and append /dev - getCDROMBlockDevices  
> actually won't detect windows/mac drives anyway but the combobox  
> remains editable for this situation unless anyone with a mac/ 
> windows machine can tell me how to detect drives on that platform.

I am working on this. The current Mac code only looks for media,
not drives, so its a large change. No idea what to do for Windo$e.

>> 5) I am wondering if the user really needs the /dev name in the GUI
>> selector? Ideally, we would present the device name (''e.g.''  
>> DVD-RW DVR-108" or "LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S") parsed from
>> /proc/ide/hd?model
> That would be nice, I did have some code which did that

Ooo. Do share (if you still have it?)

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