[mythtv] Writing a Keytouch plugin for MythTV

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 11:11:09 UTC 2007

    I've just started to write a Keytouch
for MythTV. The idea is to be able to use a "media center" - oriented
keyboard to control MythTV, so some special keys present in those keyboards
(LiveTV, Guide, etc...) that are specifically designed for Windows
MediaCenter actually work with MythTV. The plugin is currently nearly
finished, and works by using the mythfrontend telnet interface at port 6546.
It uses the "jump", "key" and "play" commands available to control MythTV.

As said, the current status is nearly finished. I just need the time to set
up a basic project page at SourceForge and to pack and upload the code
somewher. However, there's a couple of things that I haven't been able to do
because of the lack of support on MythTV. Basically these are:

   - Mute: I can't mute MythTV sound because there's no 'mute' command
   through telnet interface. Also I can't use the default keyboard shortcut
   because it's "|" and the "key" command doesn't allow to send such a
   keystroke (only simple letters / numbers, and "|" would require AltGr +
   - Seek to End: there's no Seek to End subcommand in "play" command.
   There exists a Seek to beginning, seek forward and seek backward option, but
   no seek to end. It simply should be there, I think, as usually keyboards
   have both keys.
   - Volume Up / Down: I can control them by using the default keystrokes
   F10 and F11, but this means that if the user remaps those keys it won't
   work. It would be great if there were a "play" subcommand to direct and
   reliably control volume (and muting, as stated before).

żIs there any possibility that such commands get implemented in any future
versions of MythTV? If anyone thinks it would be quite simple to do I
wouldn't main tryint it, if someones provides me with some basic

  Eduard Huguet
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