[mythtv] new gallery module for mythweb

Robert Siebert trebor_s at web.de
Sun Feb 18 08:04:54 UTC 2007

hi everyone,

i use mythweb a lot and always missed a gallery module to view my images, so i 
wrote one myself. the module uses the default gallery path from the 
mythbackend and displays the folders on the left and the thumbnails of the 
images in the middle. one can select how many images are shown per page. the 
default is 4 x 3 images. these settings and more can be changed in the 
settings section.

one also needs to add 4 entries in the settings table of the mythconverg 

value                     data
mythgallery.image_cache_dir     /mythweb/data/cache
mythgallery.default_viewsize     4,3
mythgallery.screen_width     1024 
mythgallery.valid_image_files     jpg,png,gif,bmp

the screen_width is required to calculate the width of the thumbnail images, 
before they are displayed on the screen.
please try it out an tell me what you think.


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