[mythtv] Using the RemoteEdit element

Jeremy Gillick myth at mozmonkey.com
Sun Feb 18 05:33:52 UTC 2007

I'm trying to build a plugin and am having trouble making a <remoteedit> 
element appear.  Here's how it looks in my -ui.xml:

    <remoteedit name="search_field" draworder="1">

And my .cpp code:

    MythEzrecord::MythEzrecord(MythMainWindow *parent, QString windowName,
                               QString themeFilename, const char *name)
            : MythThemedDialog(parent, windowName, themeFilename, name)
        UIRemoteEditType *search = getUIRemoteEditType("search_field");
        search->setText("search box");

        //UIKeyboardType *keyboard = getUIKeyboardType("keyboard");

I also have a <textarea> and <keyboard> in the same <container> and they 
show up perfectly.  I'm also having the same problem when I try to add a 
<textbutton> to my ui.

As it's probably pretty obvious, I'm pretty new to MythTv development 
and C++.  I have a background in Java and web application development 
and this is my first project with C++, so I'm try as hard as I can to 
get up to speed.

Thanks in advance,
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