[mythtv] Linking problem

Trampas tstern at nc.rr.com
Sun Feb 18 01:05:30 UTC 2007

I do have the 'yum' version installed, but there were a couple of bug fixes
I needed for my HdHomeRun device. Also there are a couple of things I would
like to fix in the code.

Here are the steps I followed:

#1 install QT 3.3.7, following directions in the INSTALL/README file
#2 check out mythtv
#3 Do a ./configure in the mythtv directory
#4 issue make in the mythtv directory. 

I read that the QT needs to be built with mySQL and threaded support.
According to the QT setup it is built with threaded but I did not see an
option for MySQL. I did not figure this was the problem since it seems the
linker can not find the QT library. 

I can direct the stdout to a file, but I have not figured out how to
redirect the stderr in linux, if you can tell me I will post the results. 

Thanks again for help. 


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Trampas writes:

> Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the lack of help. I did read through
> wiki on how to build MythTV, but I am new to Linux. I figured that the
> may be out of date or missing information? 
> When it links I get undefined reference to a bunch of classes such as
> and QFont. I am unsure if with QT I need to build static libraries or
> shared? By default QT builds with shared, I am trying building QT as a
> static library at the moment. 

If you're new to Linux, the very last project you'd want to pick as your 
first attempt to build something would be MythTV.  Myth is one of the most 
complicated packages to build.

Myth does build, if you follow all the instructions, carefully, step by 
step.  You probably forgot to take a step, or two, but without you actually 
posting everything that you did, it's not really possible to tell you what's


You're much better off installing the pre-built Myth packages for your 
distro, and pick something simpler to compile, until you have some 

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