[mythtv] FW: Linking problem

Trampas tstern at nc.rr.com
Sat Feb 17 23:05:48 UTC 2007

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the lack of help. I did read through the
wiki on how to build MythTV, but I am new to Linux. I figured that the wiki
may be out of date or missing information? 

When it links I get undefined reference to a bunch of classes such as QTable
and QFont. I am unsure if with QT I need to build static libraries or
shared? By default QT builds with shared, I am trying building QT as a
static library at the moment. 

Does anyone have a suggestion on what else could cause the linker problems?
Well besides the obvious of dumb user. 


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I'm going to try to make my reply as specific as your question.

Trampas wrote:
> I have just checked out lastest SVN and seem to have a problem linking 
> the QT library. I installed QT 3.3.7 in /usr/local/qt and set up the 
> environmental variables, is there something I am missing?


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