[mythtv] SEGFAULT in MythGallery / changeset 11722/11726 in libmyth: TriggeredConfigurationGroup::load()

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Fri Feb 16 18:54:54 UTC 2007


After struggling for a few nights, I think I found the cause why my 
MythGallery segfaults on startup, after recently upgrading my SVN version 
to trunk again.

It segfaults in TriggeredConfigurationGroup::load() where configStack 
appears to be a NULL pointer. It took me some time to understand why nobody 
else would have reported this: I've got OpenGL disabled for the plugins, as 
I'm running on an Epia, and all the fancy stuff is just to much for that 

If somebody (I see Daniel committed quite some changes in this area) could 
have a look at it and produc fix, thanks. For now I'll tun on OpenGL, and 
am off course willing to test any patches.



Herman Kuiper - m: herman at frontier.nl - w: http://www.frontier.nl
Beech Ave 162 - 1119 PS  Schiphol-Rijk - t/f: 020-6589034/6142816

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