[mythtv] Multiple Channels from one Multiplex...

Jochen Kühner Privat jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Fri Feb 16 09:10:28 UTC 2007

You're all right, but like aaron implemnted this feature also writing to
multiple files is supported, so not only mor strems from one multiplex are
working also programms from one channel can be recored to two files with
overlapping time...

I tried myself to support aaron with his patches, but the myth internal was
too complex for me....

I hope we find someone who took his work and finishes it in a way that issac
accepts for svn include....

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Daniel Walton wrote:

> have become fairly cheap so it just isn't worth a qualified developer's
time to
> implement this vs the cost of buying another tuner.

if you think about PCI cards in newer motherboards - there are often 
just two (or at best three) PCI slots. With these two cards you can 
currently record two programs - and you're done unless you buy another 
backend with free PCI slots and also buy more cards (and antenna 
splitters, and signal amplifiers etc. - not even talking about dish 
where splitting the signal is even more complicated AFAIK). If Myth got 
this feature you could record say 6 or 8 programs without spending any 
more money for hardware...

> All that said I would love to see someone implement what you're asking for
> would gladly throw in $30.

Me too.


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