[mythtv] Updated patch for directshow filters with MythTV (for CoreAVC)

Mark Buechler mark.buechler at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 02:46:59 UTC 2007

All I did was enable some printf statements in ext.c. I added -g and remade
everything in libdshowloader but I still didn't get a good trace. The last
function called in dshowloader is PE_InitDLL() but there's a couple more
after that with no symbols. I'm now adding -g to the build of libmythtv.

- Mark.

On 2/14/07, Alan Nisota <alannisota at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mark Buechler wrote:
> > Doesn't look like VirtualAlloc is failing, or at least it's not
> > segfaulting within that method:
> >
> > VirtualAlloc(0x10000000, 762368, 0x00003000, 0x00000040)
> >
> > Nothing in the while(str) loop is process and the function returns with:
> >
> > VirtualAlloc(...) provides (0x10000000, 765952)
> >
> > Does that look right? Can you think of any other place I should look?
> Please explain what you did, I don't understand.  The 1st thing that
> should happen after:
> tid:92c4dbb0 External func OLEAUT32.dll:417
> is a call to VirtualAlloc.  Your log didn't show that call completing.
> It is possible that something inside the filter is causing a segfault,
> but it is pretty unlikely this early in the process.  This is why I
> assumed the problem was here.  If it is actually getting through the
> VirtualAlloc call, it is odd that the printf never happened, but we need
> to find out where it is actually failing.
> I wasn't aware that this only happened when debugging was disabled.  you
> might hack the Makefile to add '-g' without changing any other options
> so you can debug a production build.  I will attempt to build without
> debug and see if I can duplicate.
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